North Metro Atlanta Chapter (GA1)

                              Information on Flags and Banners

Blue Star Mothers of America will help facilitate the delivery of a Gold Star Banner for families of fallen service members who request one. As mothers of military members serving this great nation, it is our sincerest wish to be a supportive entity to our Gold Star sisters and their families who grieve the loss of their children. It is our hope that by assisting in this task during their time of sorrow, we may be able to alleviate some of the burden from their shoulders and to assure them that the memories of their dearly loved children will be forever sustained within the hearts of a grateful nation. 

In partnership with, Blue Star Mothers assist our Gold Star Families in ordering Gold Star banners at the family's request. Whether presented by a BSM representative including a Blue to Gold Liason assigned to the chapter, or by simply ordering the banner through our national website,, BSMA officers and general members seek to support those military families who may find themselves suffering the tragic loss of their military child. In order to help alleviate this task from the shoulders of our Gold Star families, Blue Star Mothers offer this assistance free of charge and with no financial obligation whatsoever to the grieving families of our fallen heroes.

Upon notification from a BSM chapter representative, the CAO may contact his or her assigned family with this information and offer of optional assistance. There is no time obligation associated with this offer of assistance unless a presentation during the funeral is requested. When and if the family is ready, the CAO may return contact to the BSM chapter making the gesture (in the Atlanta area, it is the North Metro Atlanta Chapter 1) and the orders can be made.

Through our national website and in conjunction with, Blue Star Mothers will provide banners for the parents and spouses of fallen service members upon notification through the assigned CAO and subsequent request from the families. When the CAO is contacted by a Blue Star Mother, information such as addresses of the parents (if divorced, multiple addresses are requested), spouse's name and address, number of banners requested, date the banner is needed and the date of the funeral (if applicable), exact name of the fallen hero as well as their service branch, parent's and spouses names and addresses will be requested.

One form for each fallen member is required to be filled out separately. If the family of a fallen hero also has an active duty sibling serving, a banner carrying both a Gold and Blue star can be requested. This banner will list the names as a tribute to both the fallen member as well as the member in active service.

If the families request the banner/s to be shipped directly to them or a family representative, information as to this shipping location will also be needed. If a presentation of the banner is requested by the family, the banner will be shipped to the authorized BSM member making the presentation. Presentations may be done at the time of the funeral or at a nearby location relative to the BSM chapter and their availability.